Sunshine drops™ Vitamin D3 400IU for Kids

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Sunshine drops™ Vitamin D3 400IU for Kids

Sunshine drops offer you the most effective form of vitamin D3, in the most convenient way. Forget big capsules; it won't feel like you’re giving the kids medicine when you’re giving a sunshine drop.

Our specialized delivery system is our customized dropper – it will always give you the right around every time. Taken directly or add or it to juice/liquid, no one will notice it’s even there. They will feel the difference in energy levels and elevated mood, especially during the long dark winter months.

Sunshine Drops ™ is paired with high-quality olive oil (vitamin E), which is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect your cells from free-radical damage and supporting heart health. A no-nonsense immune boosting, energy elevating Vitamin D3 supplement.

Pure; Manufactured right here in Canada.
• Improve and boost your immune system against flu viruses and diseases.
• Aids in the prevention of rickets in children, and Osteomalacia (soft bones) in adults; strengthens bone durability.
• Helps lower the risk factor in health failure and cardiovascular disease, which is commonly associated with Vitamin D deficiency.
• Help elevate mood and energy levels when low due to lack of sun exposure, particularly in the winter months.
• Olive Oil lowers “bad” cholesterol and cuts the risk of heart disease.
• Vitamin E contributes to cellular health with its powerful antioxidant properties.

A single dose of Sunshine Drops per day is enough to receive all the benefits mentioned above.

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